Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator 

Why Include Eulogies?

          Many times, eulogies define how someone is remembered. If someone would want to be remembered as someone who made people laugh, the eulogist would most likely tell stories of times when said person's humor brightened their day, made them smile, broke tension and so on. If the person is to be remembered as someone with a lot of wisdom, the eulogist might quote them or speak of times when the person's wisdom rang true or helped them with a time in their life. Eulogies are not only given to help everyone remember, but also to shape how the person who died is remembered.
          George H.W. Bush, the Vice President during Reagan's two terms in office, gave one of the eulogies at Reagan's funeral. This man probably knew Reagan probably better than most and his commentary on Reagan as a leader and a man is not only touching, but it paints the picture of how Reagan is remembered and how Former President Bush wanted him to be remembered. George W. Bush, as the current president at the time of Reagan's death, also gave one of the eulogies. As the current leader of the nation, he needed to not only mourn with the rest of the American people, but also lead the people in their mourning. Margaret Thatcher's eulogy is also included. The tribute published in the Washington Post was read by thousands and is very respectful of the man Reagan was. Every one of these contributes to how Reagan is remembered and helped the country mourn the loss of one of its finest leaders.
          The eulogies included on this site are not only meant to help you, the reader, consider the man that Ronald Reagan was, but they are also meant to show how his memory is framed and why. How did the nation mourn Reagan's death? How do Americans choose to remember him? How would Reagan like to be remembered? These eulogies answer these questions and more. 

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Eulogy: George H. W. Bush

Eulogy: George W. Bush

Eulogy: Margaret Thatcher

Tribute in the Washington Post