Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator 

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About this site...

This site was created as a Final Project for a course I am taking at Bowling Green State University entitled "Critical Thinking About Great Ideas." This course is a required part of the Honors Program curriculum. My course has an eighties theme. All semester we have explored the culture of the eighties and discussed some "great ideas" that were central to this time in our nation's history.

Our final assignment was to find a "great idea" that fit into our discussions, the curriculum or the eighties in general. We could choose any venue we wanted for this idea to evolve and we had to put our critical thinking skills to the test. I chose to create a website discussing the importance and connection between leadership and communication through the life and leadership of Ronald Reagan. I also wanted to create a site that provided knowledge on Ronald Reagan and honored his life and legacy.

The eighties cannot be properly discussed without talking about the man who lead America during this time. Ronald Wilson Reagan was the President of the United States from 1981-1989. For almost a century, he held the title, "Leader of the Free World." Along with this title, he also became known as the "Great Communicator". What about this man deserves that nickname? What makes communication an important part of leadership? What relationship do communication and leadership have? How did Ronald Reagan communicate with the American people? What makes this man so memorable? What is his legacy? This site's purpose is to answer these questions as well as provide resources for further research and questioning.
Page Descriptions:

About Ronald Reagan: This page includes biographical information on Ronald Reagan and his accomplishments while in office. The purpose of this page is to provide just basic knowledge on his life and career as a politician.

Communication and Leadership: Here you will find information and resources on the connection between leadership and communication. Also included is information on Ronald Reagan's communication and the effects of that style.

Speeches and Analyses: Transcripts, videos, and analyses can all be found here. Youtube videos accompany some pages, and every page includes a full transcript and basic information about the speech.

In Memorial: This page is completely dedicated to the memory of Ronald Reagan. It includes videos of his funeral, photos of him and his wife, and memorable quotes. Also, there are transcripts of the eulogies given at Reagan's funeral are provided, and a tribute printed in the Washington Times is in

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