Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator 

How the President Communicates:

          Every President finds a different way to communicate with the American people. FDR's Fireside Chats, for example, reinvented the way presidents communicated. For the first time, the American people felt they were getting an intimate look into what was really going on in Washington and around the world at a very uncertain time in our nation's history. Ronald Reagan, nicknamed the Great Communicator, was known for writing letters to the American people as well as making very memorable and effective speeches. What makes them memorable? How does he communicate his thoughts and ideas successfully? This page will help to navigate you to some answers.

Speeches and Letters Included on this Site

Most speeches and letters are complete with a video, transcript and analysis written by Rachel Brooker.

"A Time for Choosing"

"We Will be a City Upon a Hill"

"Tear Down this Wall"

Final Letter to the American People

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